These 5 tricks hidden in the credit card, the bank will not tell you!

Nowadays, more and more people are starting to use credit cards, but not many people really know about credit cards. People only use credit cards to spend more, and they will spend even more.

Today, I want to tell you that these 5 cards are hidden in the credit card, but all banks will not tell you!

Installment payments seem to be interest-free but also charge
Sometimes some merchants will work with the bank to launch credit card interest-free installment purchases. Then, when you buy a large item, you can pay for the item by choosing the installment payment.

Although the payment method for these products is already interest-free, the bank will actually charge you a fee. Therefore, interest-free is interest-free, and the handling fee is inevitable, so the staging is not zero cost. We must distinguish clearly.

Not all consumption has points

Credit card points are very popular and have always been one of the important channels that everyone uses to bank wool. However, in fact, not all consumption will generate points. For example, if you want to buy a car with a credit card, or if you go to a hospital where taxes and fees are lower, you will not earn points. You should remember.

Credit line is shared

Many people have several credit cards, and everyone likes to accumulate credit lines by handling a few more credit cards. However, your abacus is best to go to a different bank. In fact, if you have multiple credit cards in the same bank, then the amount between them is shared, not superimposed, so you can’t realize the credit line through multiple credit cards.

Some credit cards that are not activated will also generate an annual fee.

Many people think that if they do not use the credit card after they apply for it, they will not incur any expenses even if they are not activated. However, the facts are not always as everyone thinks. There are some credit cards that you will not pay for when you are not using or inactive. In this regard, you should say hello before you can do the card.

Early repayment fee after the installment

Banks like to advise customers to apply for credit card instalments, mainly because they hope to collect your fees through instalments to earn some money. Therefore, as long as you use the credit card instalment, regardless of whether you have repaid in advance, the fee is charged by the bank.

The above is what the bank will not tell you about the credit card. I suggest that you should pay more attention to these aspects when using your credit card, and don’t let yourself lose money inexplicably. Even, let their personal credit information be spent on these credit card unspoken rules.

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