No fixed work, how to apply for a credit card?

Using credit card consumption is very common in our daily life. Credit card is the first to pay after repayment, and enjoy interest-free, the temptation is really big, but we all know that applying for a credit card requires certain thresholds, such as work, income, marriage and other related qualifications. Prove that for those who don’t have a job, handling credit cards has become a problem. Let’s talk to you today. If you don’t have a job, how should you apply for a credit card?

  1. The bank has a large deposit. It is preferred to have a bank with whom you have a deposit. If you have a deposit at a bank, you can go to the bank office to find the lobby manager to issue a deposit certificate (or you can download the certificate at the bank APP, not all The bank’s APP supports the self-service download certificate), and then apply for the bank’s credit card. The bank judges your repayment ability based on your deposit information, and the success rate of the card will increase. When you have the bank’s credit card, You can apply for a credit card from another bank by means of a “card-to-card” method. (lazy people pay credit card housekeeper, return, collect money).

Deposits are best on a regular basis, because you are a current account, the bank will think that the deposit is a way out of funds, once the credit card is issued, you may be able to take the deposit, which means that you have no repayment ability after the card is placed.

  1. There are fixed assets under the name, such as housing and car. When applying for a credit card, carry these relevant certificates. The real estate license and the driving license information are called to the bank. These assets have already proved to the bank that you have the guarantee of repayment, even if there is no fixed work. It is easy to apply for approval.

Note: Assets must be in your name, and spouses, parents, and children are not good at card.

3, stable bank flow, bank audit is whether the individual has a stable source of income, income is not only a fixed job, you only need to prove that you have other ways to earn money, you can be professional stocks, you can also do Part-time, the bank you specifically do does not care at all, it only cares if you have a very stable income. Print the bank flow every month to apply for a credit card to the bank, and the success rate is very high.

  1. Other qualifications, social security, medical insurance, water and electricity bills, etc., the longer the payment, the better;
    Some people will say that if I open a company, is it good to apply for a credit card? The answer is no. You are the legal representative of small and micro enterprises and the operators of individual merchants. They cannot prove your repayment ability. For the bank, your There are too many uncertainties in the company, and the information to be approved is complicated and complicated. I think most of the tax-reward certificates will not be met. Xiaobian suggested that you apply for a credit card as a senior manager.

5, call the job application, this is very simple, find a friend’s company to provide you with a work certificate, and help you complete the bank’s audit phone, but more details.

  1. The credit report is good. This is a crucial point. The credit report does not have overdue records. You can have liabilities. For example, you are making loans, and you are now repaying normal every month, which is equal to disguise. Prove to the bank that you have the ability to repay; but don’t have too much debt, otherwise you will end up losing even if you have the above proofs.

Now that everyone knows that there is no work, you can still handle the card. You need to pay special attention to two points:

  1. There are too many paper documents to be provided, and only the business hall can apply for a credit card. Other ways of doing the card are not conducive to the card.

2, all the proof materials need to be honest, and strive for one-time approval success; if your first credit card approval has not passed, it will be very difficult to apply for other banks later, your personal credit report will have a bank review of your personal credit report. Bao’s record, while other banks will use this bank’s approval results as a reference.

After all, the bank does not give a credit card, it depends on whether you can prove to the bank that you have a certain ability to repay. Although there is no work, you can guarantee your personal repayment by other means, the same as the bank’s favorite users.