I want to use a real estate license mortgage? You may not know how big the risk is!

Since the real estate license mortgage loan has the advantages of high loan quota, long term and flexible use, and the real estate license mortgage loan can effectively solve the capital needs of the majority of borrowers, it is favored by the public. But when it comes to loan issues, there are certain risks. Today Xiaobian came to talk to you about the conditions and risks of the mortgage of the real estate license.

What is a real estate mortgage?

Real estate license mortgage refers to a loan in which the borrower mortgages or pledges the purchased house and other property with title, or the third party guarantees the loan and assumes joint liability. It is a triangular relationship that is connected by a housing sale contract, a housing mortgage agreement, and a housing mortgage loan contract.

What are the conditions for a mortgage?

  1. Conditions for the lender to have

1) Natural persons with full capacity for civil conduct generally do not exceed 65 years of age at the expiration date of the loan;

2) Have a fixed residence; have a legitimate occupation and a stable source of income, and have the ability to repay the principal and interest of the loan on schedule;

3) willing and able to provide mortgages approved by the lender;

4) The property owner recognizes the relevant borrowing and guarantee actions and is willing to bear relevant legal responsibilities.

  1. Conditions to be met by the mortgaged house

1) The property rights of the house should be clear and conform to the conditions stipulated by the state for listing and trading, and can enter the real estate market for circulation without any other mortgage;

2) The age of the house (calculated from the date of completion of the house) and the length of the loan shall not exceed 40 years;

3) The mortgaged houses are not included in the local urban renovation and demolition plan, and there are real estate licenses and land certificates issued by the real estate department and the land management department.

Here you need to remind everyone that the owner of the property used for mortgage can be the borrower himself or someone else, and the mortgagee must issue a written consent to the borrower to use his property as a mortgage to apply for a loan. Commitment and require the mortgagor and his or her spouse or other property owner to sign.

What are the risks of real estate mortgages?

  1. Loan use

Many people are wondering, what are the risks of loan use? In fact, with the tightening of credit policies, banks have certain restrictions on the use of real estate mortgages.

It is generally limited to the scope of personal consumption and business operations. Banks are expressly banned from high-risk investment behaviors such as stock securities and futures stocks, as well as illegal behaviors such as gambling. Therefore, the loan funds should be used correctly.

2, repayment

A real estate mortgage is a product with a large amount of financing and a long repayment period. Therefore, you need to do a self-examination of your future economic situation for a long time before you go through it.

Make sure you have the ability to repay the loan. Because if there is an unreasonable repayment of the loan, the bank has the right to take legal proceedings to auction the property you mortgaged, and the proceeds will be used preferentially to repay the principal and interest of the loan.

  1. Loan route

If you want to be safe, look for the bank. After all, the source of funds is absolutely safe. If you are looking for a private lending institution, you need to pay attention to whether the institution is legally and compliant.

Here Xiaobian reminds everyone that you should not pay any fees before you get a loan, so as not to be deceived.