How much is the mortgage with a house?

Nowadays, many people use house mortgages. What is the general mortgage for a house? Answered by PChouse today for you.

  1. Generally speaking, the mortgaged property is different, and the mortgage amount of the house is different. Under normal circumstances, the mortgage of commercial housing can reach 70%, while the mortgage of shops and office buildings can reach 60%, and the mortgage of industrial plants can reach 50%.
  2. There are many factors that affect the amount of mortgages on a house. The evaluation of real estate is an important factor that directly affects how much the mortgage can be mortgaged. The reasons for the evaluation of the property mainly include the type of housing, orientation, location, age of construction, and floors.
  3. The mortgage loan limit has a direct relationship with the assets owned by the borrower. If there is only one set of real estate, then only half of the property evaluation value can be loaned; if there are multiple properties, then you can borrow The property evaluation value is 7-8 percent.
  4. The amount of personal income will also be taken into account by the bank in consideration of the loan factor. If the individual income is low, the bank will consider whether the borrower has sufficient repayment ability, and the bank will reduce the loan amount.